Why It Is Important To Get A Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection. It’s a term used to describe an inspection that involves professional assessment and identification of termite infestations. Termite is the scientific term for the world’s most common insect: the termite. Termites cause more than twice as much damage to buildings in the U.S. as termites do in Central America. Termites destroy about $ 600,000 houses per year in the U.S. And yet, most homeowners spend about $ 5 billion a year just to cover termite damage from occasional localized termite problems.

Termite Inspections is usually done by licensed termite inspectors, who specialize in inspecting houses and other commercial and residential real estates for termite presence and damage. A qualified inspector can easily identify wood-destroying insects using a thorough inspection of a small section of a building. Sometimes the termite inspection is done by a company that specializes in termite control. In those cases, a licensed inspector is the only one capable of determining whether a termite control program is needed.

The termite inspection, done professionally, is important for two reasons. First, it alerts a property owner to any potential danger from termite infestation, including the need for termite control or other protective measures. And second, it enables a property owner to repair damages caused by wood-destroying insects before they cause structural or aesthetic damage.

You might think that a free termite inspection is a great idea, but you’d be surprised. Most companies offering free termite control inspections simply require you to call them during the termite control season, which is usually between March and May. This is a time when they are particularly busy. Don’t let companies like this get away with it. If you’re serious about termite control, it’s best to call around a dozen companies to compare rates, services, warranties, quality of work and commitment to termite protection.

A qualified pest control company will use their expertise to find the exact location of the termite problem. This allows them to quickly and efficiently eliminate the insects and their colony. If an inspection is requested, it is performed just as soon as the company determines the location of the infestation. By doing this, termite control companies are ensuring that they don’t allow the termite colony to reproduce and become a major problem. They also protect other homeowners from suffering damage or injury from these insects.

If you want to protect your family, your home and your finances, it is a good idea to hire a qualified pest control company. It may cost a little more, but it is an investment that could save you thousands of dollars in repairs and costly damages. The cost of hiring one person to perform an inspection and then another to perform treatments could easily reach five to ten thousand dollars. If, however, you detect a termite problem before the inspectors do, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. Not only could you avoid having to pay for expensive repairs, but you could also avoid paying for personal injuries.

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